Monday, May 23, 2011

Hi there!! Happy graduation to a lot of you out there!! :) I made this card for a graduate of Moanalua High, who was also a former preschool student of mine...congratulations on a job well done, kylie!! I'm so proud of you!
Stamp image of monkey is All That Scraps, aka, CC Designs.  Graduation cap and diploma from taj clubhouse. Congratulations stamp from TAC...cuts from Doodle Charms cricut cartridge and sizzix flower tag...pretty sweet and simple! :)

Kylie's graduation party was great!! :) These were the favors and centerpieces!
Super CUTE, huh!? Who doesn't love CRUSH orange soda!! YUM! YUM!!
This bottle cap magnet is SO CUTE!! The saying is something I usually tell my daughter as well...
"Whatever life throws at you...suck it up and deal with it!"
Can't avoid it, right!?
As summer approaches, enjoy the sun, beach and life...
Have a great week!
hugs, myra

Monday, May 16, 2011

happy RAK monday!!

Yikes!! I forgot to post yesterday...too krazy busy with the Waipahu Drug tent sale (which went VERY WELL, thank you for all your support!) and planning 
for the winter season craft fairs...working on a few new items...:)
i just wanted to share this RAK from my friend, Freida.  This cute mini birthday tag card
is super adorable!! the kimono girl stamp image is the perfect size for the card and i
love the glitter on the cupcake!! :)  thanks Freida!! TOO CUTE!! love it!
Have a great week everyone!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day!!

hey there bloggers!! happy mother's day!! 
i know, it's close to midnight, but i think i'm gonna make it!! lol...
just wanted to say "happy mother's day" and share this cute RAK 
made by an AWESOME mom of three kids...
thanks michelle!! i totally adore this sample of gift certificate wallet!!
isn't it adorable?? the velcro closure makes it easy to open and close!!
LOVE IT!! thanks again michelle!! i'm so blessed to have such sweet friends!
hope you all have a splendid week!! 
hugs, myra

Sunday, May 1, 2011

 3X5 post-it notes with matching pen...
stamp images are from rianna & me and two scoops rice design
this is a close up of one of the 3X5 post-its (stamp image from two scoops rice design)
...i took this pic before saturday, and we SOLD OUT 
on these fun post-its that you can just drop into your purse, because it was covered with vinyl...looks like we'll be making more!! thank you for your continued support!! we appreciate the business!!
this week, friday, may 6th, we will be at the dole cannery 2nd floor atrium 
from 7:30am-2:30pm, space A9. 
looks like we better get stampin'!! have a great week!! 
hugs, myra