Tuesday, March 29, 2011

golden mart parking lot sale...

hey there!! almost skipped this week's post...:( 
hope all is well with everyone this week! this past sunday, kassidy's kreations was able to give 25% of sales made at Ige's from 4-9pm to Leahi Soccer Club.  it felt nice to help out! it was great to see the support of the parents and families for the club working together to make it a successful event.  hats off to everyone who coordinate and volunteer their time to support their children in sports! :)
anyhoo, just wanted to let you know that a bunch of peeps will be at
golden mart in mililani this sunday, april 3rd from 10am-2pm...
95-119 kamehameha hwy
check it out!! there will be power bands, jewelry, closeouts, scentsy, clothing, hand crafted stationery, gift items, tupperware and more!!
hope to see you there! :)
have an awesome week!
hugs, myra

Sunday, March 20, 2011

kreations by kassidy...

hey there! hope you all had a great week and didn't get pinched on st. patty's day for not wearing green!
how many had to go back into the house and change to wear something green!? ;)
 & thank you for coming to support mililani high school's athletic boosters craft fair on saturday!
it was a rainy day, so we were pretty lonely in the gym...it's okay though, we were able to keep busy. :)
pictured above are some the beads that kassidy and i were playing with.  my friend, mandy
gave us some memory wire and seed beads, these kitty and bunny beads were cute,
so we picked them up & got to play with what we had...
and this is what we came up with!! tah dah!!
what do you think?  lol...
 hope everyone has a great week!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mililani High School Athleic Boosters Craft Fair, Saturday March 19th!!

hello there!! hope everyone is safe with all the craziness of the tsunami warnings and earthquakes going on this week!! it is with heavy hearts that we watch what's going on in Japan.  I'm happy to know the peeps that I'm connected with are okay and they are doing well, despite all that has happened there these past few days...
we are so blessed and should be so thankful...
I just wanted to let you know that we will be at Mililani High School this week for their craft fair to support the Athletic Boosters!! This Saturday, March 19th from 9am until 2pm, booth #1!! Hope to see you there!!
We are working on some new ideas!! Be sure to check them out! :)
The pic that I'm sharing this week are 2 puppies that I have adopted from Kim, owner of juju beadz!!
She hand crafts these adorable characters and I wish I could buy them ALL!! They are just TOO CUTE!! She has several pieces at The Bead Gallery on Ward Ave and should be reopening her ETSY shop again soon!! I'm still trying to figure out what I want to make with them...hmmm, necklace?? bag charm?? bracelet??...OH! the possibilities!!  I'll post pics when they're done...but don't hold your breath, because it may take me awhile!! haha!! if you have any ideas, send them my way...:)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

hope you had a happy, happy girl's day...

hello there!! hope everyone had a happy girl's day! :)
girl's day, aka hina matsuri, is actually celebrated on march 3rd.  we celebrate this tradition here in hawaii to ensure our daughter's future happiness.
i just had to share this kawaii, aka cute, hello kitty sakura or cherry blossom cookie.
one of my boys, kobi gave it to me for girl's day...as you can see, i couldn't eat it,
because it's just too cute!! :) it must be "oiishi" (meaning delicious in Japanese) 
but i just couldn't bring myself to eat it just yet! heehee!!
kobi must be trying to ensure my happiness, because he tells me every week, 
that he loves me and he misses me when there is no school...he was smiling when
he brought the cookies for the other girls and me and seemed so happy to share them.
gotta love the kids...the simplest things that make them happy! :)
hope you had a sweet happy girl's day too!! happy hugs to you!!
i'd love to hear your happy heart story!! have an awesome week!