Sunday, March 28, 2010

cell phone charms...

Hi there!  I didn't realize that my last post was that long ago...spring break came and went!!  The DOE spring break is the week before UH and private schools spring break, so it's challenging to plan for trips!! grr!!  Did anyone go anywhere or do anything fun?  I stayed home, but my other half of the fam went to Florida for a cheer competition trip!  They had fun and enjoyed themselves!  :)
I just wanted to share my cell phone charm.  I'm not sure if I had already shared it, but I did have to change the TSRD doggie, since it fell off!  I love bears, doggies and bunnies, so I made them on a cell phone charm.  Do you think that others would be interested, if I had them at the craft fairs?  I like to work with shrink plastic and found that Judy Kins is the easiest brand to work with!  Anyhoo, as you can tell I also like blue and green and love hearts! :)
The TSRD animals are so CUTE! They remind me of animal cookies!  I also have the kitty cat, but it looked a bit much with four animals on the charm...
Anyway, hope all is well with all of you! Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

march 20th, Mililani High School Craft Fair

Hi all! Hope all is well with all of you!! Did you already hear??  We will be at Mililani High School's craft fair this Saturday, March 20th from 9am-2pm.  We will be giving away some "kraft fair kandy!!"  With every purchase of $10, you will pick a mini keytag of your choice!!...and yes, it is hand crafted!!  I'm working hard on them and we will not be selling them on Saturday...but mention that you saw it on our blog and you will get to choose one for FREE!!  Hope to see you all there!! 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

anal or organized??!!

Hi all!! Hope all is well!! This weekend at Pauoa Elementary was okay.  We were hoping to be a lot busier, but we had fun talking with others and enjoyed the beautiful weather!! :)
This picture that I am sharing with you is my dew drop I anal or organized??  I had all these bottles of dew drops, mixed with colors and was getting frustrated opening several bottles and picking colors...grr!!  So I had to sort them by color...hahaha!! I know what you're thinking...'she's krazy!'  but it's ok, I love you guys anyway!! hahaha!!  
As krazy busy as we get, this little 'anal/organized' idea has made production a little bit faster!!  I'm hoping to work on more post-its, card cases and pocket portfolios for the craft fairs that are coming up soon!! Be on the look out, we may be giving out some 'kraft fair kandy' soon!!
Have a blessed week!
hugs, myra