Friday, July 20, 2012

Life adventures...

Wow, I can't begin to tell you about this summer being so BLESSED!! Life has been busy and so fun at the same time!! This upcoming school year at UHWO, I received a full ride, for both fall and spring semester!! (All that extra paperwork was totally worth it!) AND I just made "director" status with Nerium AD and "iPad qualified" as a bonus!! Come join our team, I promise you, we will have LOTS of fun!! :)

As I still kraft away, I just made a huge bunch of checkbook covers with matching pens...I just didn't take a picture yet...sorry...maybe next time!! :) Speaking of krafts and other cutesy stuff, I wanted to share with you about a store that I recently stumbled upon...called Silvery Moon. I am wearing a caplet (which there are three ways to wear it) and carrying an Eco friendly tote by Blue Q. This tote is super cute and has a zipper on the top..this is perfect when you travel (if fits perfect under the seat!) or just need stuff to pack...this design is my favorite...

please stop by Silvery Moon and tell April I said HI and hope to visit again soon!! :)

She also had other zippered pouches by the same Blue Q company...


other sizes of totes and cute designs!!

I've been to the store a few times this summer. Every time I go there, she always has customers and everyone is always so friendly!

This past time, when I went there, I bought a Baggallini purse and the caplet!! The caplet is small and easy to stash in my bag and just covers my shoulders when I'm cold, so i don't need to drag my jacket along. The purse is super light weight and good for organizing all my junks that I carry in my bag!! I love my bag...I want to go back and buy another one...stay tuned...I may just have to post more goodies that I find at her store!! If you find great buys, let me know!! :)

Ok, back to krafting...have a great week!! :)

Hugs, myra