Monday, October 13, 2008

Is it LOVE??...YUP!!

OMG!! My friend, Jodi asked me to make a key chain for her,
using 'Bear Hugs' by CC took me a while, but when I did it...
I may have to make one for myself too! Want one? Call me to place your order!
...although it may take a while!!
Accents are mini rhinstones and nail art!...heh heh

Who's birthday is it??

I made this card for Joce using CCdesigns stamps.
I love this set!
Simple and sweet!
Happy Belated Birthday Jocelyn!

Is it that obvious that she loves this set too?...hahaha
Thanks for the birthday card Jocey!
"Bear hugs" to you!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thanks Jodi!

OMG! As I envy blogs, such as jen's and jodi's, i felt creative and decided to do something about it!
I started at 7pm and just finished! It's already 9:30 damn it!!! It took me so long! But thanks for the inspiration Jodi! =0)