Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thanks Jodi!

OMG! As I envy blogs, such as jen's and jodi's, i felt creative and decided to do something about it!
I started at 7pm and just finished! It's already 9:30 damn it!!! It took me so long! But thanks for the inspiration Jodi! =0)


Jodi said...

Hey Myra, glad you figured out your blog! Have fun, it's pretty addicting!! =)

Jen-Jen said...

LOL!!!! Lookin' good girlfriend. Yes, it is VERY addicting.... Love your layout n' the colors going on here. No worry, you'll do great. Can't wait!!


Corrina said...

Hey did it!!! Great job on your blog. I haven't thought of it (mine, that is...)since Jen's house. I'm not sure if i'm ready for a new addiction just yet (hee,hee). Have fun!!!

God Bless,
Rina (Corrina)

Corrina said... did it!!! Great job Myra. What an encouragement. I still have yet to decide, starting up a blog. YIKES...

God Bless~ Rina (Corrina)