Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just wanted to share a RAK that I got from Evie...sorry this one is so late!
Can you tell that I was supposed to post it in February!? Anyway, it's
match book snack! Pretty cute, huh?
This is the inside of the treat!

She also gave me this cute mini tote to carry all my supplies!
SO sweet! Thanks Evie! I'll show you the elephant note book in another posting!
Hope you enjoy Evie's work! blog yet, huh, evie?


Sonia said...

Look beautiful... love it!~
I found your blog in another web page... BEAUTIFUL Blog!!!!


michele said...

Just wanted to say I only found your site today and it’s really cool. You’ve been very busy and have so many good ideas. Your cards are really cute. I write a London based crafty e-zine and blog named Extremely Crafty Ideas at Would love to hear what you think. I’m planning on featuring card making in an upcoming issue.