Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two Scoops Rice designs stamps in stock!!!

Hi there!! I have stamped these images a while back, and just wanted to post them again, because I have some of stamps in stock and ready to sell.  The stamps are clear polymer.  All you need is your acrylic blocks and you're ready to go!  See, what you can do??   Here is what I have in stock:

1-garden fairies set 1
1-cupcake and ice cream cuties set
3-fruit set
4-2 scoops ice cream  
5-balancing act
1-chibi bear
2-chibi doggie
2-chibi kitty
2-chibi bunny
4-cupcake cat
1-saimin/ramen bowl
2-shave ice
5-maki sushi wink
2-milk & cookie
1-leafy bear

You can take a look on the site:
and let me know which ones you would like to purchase.  You can email me at:

Thank you!! 

hugs, myra

1 comment:

Charlene said...

These are really cute!! Love them. Just what is needed for some cards for local friends. Thanks for sharing.