Friday, November 20, 2009


hey there peeps! the holiday season is here, whether you're ready for it or not...i just say, "bring it!"
just wanted to send out this quick post, since we will be at aiea elementary tomorrow and pearl city high school on sunday!!  so much going on, but i'm loving every minute of it...except for those uhwo papers...i've been pulling quite a bit of overtime at work, trying to 'kraft' and keep a good inventory...and still keep my books in line...i hope you were able to scroll down to the bottom and see the 'kraft fair schedule'...looks like we're going to be crazy busy!! yipee!
i also wanted to share this RAK from ali...she gave this candy pouch to me a while back, but i just haven't had much time to post.  isn't it just the sweetest!?  this is a terrible pic, but the pumpkins were crackled and really nice! of course, after i took the pic, gobbled up the pack of m&ms that were in it!!  they were delish!!  thank you ali! you are just the sweetest!  it's wonderful to have thoughful friends like you!!  i'm so thankful for that...wonderful friends and family...i thank my lucky stars everyday for all that i have.  hope that you have a Thanksgiving holiday  full of love, laughter and happiness...hugs, myra

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