Sunday, March 7, 2010

anal or organized??!!

Hi all!! Hope all is well!! This weekend at Pauoa Elementary was okay.  We were hoping to be a lot busier, but we had fun talking with others and enjoyed the beautiful weather!! :)
This picture that I am sharing with you is my dew drop I anal or organized??  I had all these bottles of dew drops, mixed with colors and was getting frustrated opening several bottles and picking colors...grr!!  So I had to sort them by color...hahaha!! I know what you're thinking...'she's krazy!'  but it's ok, I love you guys anyway!! hahaha!!  
As krazy busy as we get, this little 'anal/organized' idea has made production a little bit faster!!  I'm hoping to work on more post-its, card cases and pocket portfolios for the craft fairs that are coming up soon!! Be on the look out, we may be giving out some 'kraft fair kandy' soon!!
Have a blessed week!
hugs, myra

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Denise said...

Just organized! That's how I keep mine, easier to store away in drawer.