Sunday, February 20, 2011

here's the latest scoop! :)

hey there! 
hope all is well with you all! :)
i've been pretty busy with UHWO homework, looking for scholarships, working full-time, and taking care of the inspiration of kassidy's kreations! : ) so there has been VERY little time for stamping!! :( but i find it great that i'm able to do some digi scrapbooking, since it's already in my computer and can squeeze in some creativity in between study breaks, emails and work. 
I made this recipe card and thought I'd share it with you, since I currently have to watch my sugar levels...heehee!! looks like i'll be giving up my Japanese candy and mocha frapps for awhile!! :(
this 4X6 recipe card was made with the storybook creator plus program from
Creative Memories.  they have just come out with a MAC version and I'm so excited with
all the different options that are available with this program! check out what else is available on my website & call me with any questions! :)
be sure to try this tomato corn salad!! it's yummy! let me know if you like it!
it's easy and one of my favorites!  have any recipes for me to try? send them over :)
have a great week! happy president's day!!
toodles for now...

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