Sunday, March 6, 2011

hope you had a happy, happy girl's day...

hello there!! hope everyone had a happy girl's day! :)
girl's day, aka hina matsuri, is actually celebrated on march 3rd.  we celebrate this tradition here in hawaii to ensure our daughter's future happiness.
i just had to share this kawaii, aka cute, hello kitty sakura or cherry blossom cookie.
one of my boys, kobi gave it to me for girl's you can see, i couldn't eat it,
because it's just too cute!! :) it must be "oiishi" (meaning delicious in Japanese) 
but i just couldn't bring myself to eat it just yet! heehee!!
kobi must be trying to ensure my happiness, because he tells me every week, 
that he loves me and he misses me when there is no school...he was smiling when
he brought the cookies for the other girls and me and seemed so happy to share them.
gotta love the kids...the simplest things that make them happy! :)
hope you had a sweet happy girl's day too!! happy hugs to you!!
i'd love to hear your happy heart story!! have an awesome week!


Michele said...

Aw, that's so sweet Myra!!! And that cookie really is too cute to eat! I know I would have a hard time eating it too!! :-) Have a great week!!

Mandy said...

Too cute! (And the cookie too.)

Enjoli said...

That is such a sweet and cute gift! TFS! Hope you have a great weekend. :)

myra said...

thanks michele!! i finally ate it and it was YUMMY!! :)
@ mandy: this boy is my little opihi at school, such a sweet boy! :)
@ enjoli:i actually went to buy the cookie cutters from Heiko...let me know if you'd like me to pick up a set for you!! :)