Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rianna and Me stamps for sale...:)

Hiya! Hope everyone had a great week!! It was great to have the day off for Statehood Day! I was able to take these pictures of my friend's, Ruth, stamps...Rianna and Me...let me know if you're interested, since I don't have too many of these cuties in stock! :)

For Hawaii peeps, how were you able to celebrate your holiday? A few of you may have had to work, some of you may have had the day off...lucky me...I was able to clean...hahaha!! But at least I got stuff done! :)

Still working on craft fair schedule...waiting for confirmation before I set up flyers/
it shouldn't be much longer before schedule will be up
on the blog...:)

'til then...Have an awesome week!

hugs, myra

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