Sunday, October 23, 2016

Busy, busy, busy...

I meant to post last week, but vertigo/headaches/body aches got in the way.  Between not feeling well, work and school I was trying to craft and get ready for the holiday craft season. :) I was happy to receive my new business cards in the mail though! As you can see, front and back this time! 

It excites me as I view people's posts through the newsfeed on Facebook and it is so positive these days! *smile* I usually don't post too much as my crazy schedule limits my social media time. lol! But one of my goals is to get better and try to do at least one post weekly on the blog, Facebook and Instagram. 

This coming week I begin my first official SBL-School of Business Leadership, Concentration Coaching and Mentoring.  I'm pretty excited and feel really good about trying online schooling.  Regent University has been really supportive and helpful with my transition there.  For me, never stop learning...:)
 I told myself that I was not going to get into the LLR-Lularoe craze...haha! Well, it's only been a month and I already own 9 pairs of leggings...yikes! Ryan, my other half, just shakes his head, but at least he is laughing when he does it.  That's how I know, that he is a keeper! ;) How many LLR leggings do you own? Please share, I'd like to know! 
Have a blessed week, everyone! 
hugs, myra

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