Monday, July 13, 2009

A Krafty Weekend

There's lots to do on this upcoming weekend, July 18-19, incl. CRAFTS! We're gonna be B-Z to the max!! If you're looking for cute gifts & treasures, check us out @ our booth, Kassidy's Kreations, at Ben Franklin Crafts in the Pearl City Shopping Center. On Sat. July 18, from 10-3pm, we'll have hand-decorated stationery items, like posh post-it notes & folders, cute cards, keychains & pens, etc. And with our friend, Carole, who makes the cutest jewelry

Then off to a Invitation-Only "Trunk Show on The Go" in Mililani from 4-8. Hosted by one of our friends, there'll be Pupus, Crafts (incl. ours), Designer-inspired Handbags, Pupus, Jewelry, Pupus etc. Oh, did I mention Pupus?! Yeah, well, you can see what's on my mind!

A free gift also for the 1st 25 attendees + drawings too. If you want to come, please email us & we can give you the 411.

Whew, that's all! See ya soon!!


Linda said...

Hey Myra - sounds like you have a super busy weekend coming up! Hope everything goes well! Take care ~ Linda

myra said...

thanks evie for posting! it wasn't that hard, huh?? hope the crafting is coming along...myra ;)

Ali said...

Hi Myra, just wanted to stop by and say hi! How are ya? Hope to see you at the next GG gathering!
Take care!

myra said...

Hi Ali!

It's busy as usual!! Can't keep up nowadays!! How are you!? I missed you at the last GG gathering!! Hope to see you at the next one as well!!