Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sheesh! Where did the summer go??

OMG! Last night I went to Taj Clubhouse in Ward Warehouse and got scolded by Amber since I haven't posted in SUCH A LONG TIME!! ;)
I jump on to publish comments to see that we have 22, so cute!!...heehee! But I do want to apologize for being so "out of it!" I'm so sorry!! Even this pic, I've been meaning to post since April or May...ugh!...I know, I time you guys see me at a craft fair, you have permission to slap me!!...hahaha!!

Anyway, this is a RAK from Enjoli,
Thank you Enjoli! Sorry it took me so long to post!!
She sent me to cutest Hello Kitty card and matching luggage tag
with an adorable owl notepad and pink flowers!! Such a sweetheart!!
Thanks again Enjoli!! I used the lugguage tag when I went on my trip to Vegas!! Which I should talk about in my hext posting!!
Have a great Sunday!!


mikaloves said...

"hold on, i gotta go bathroom and take my _____ off!!" hahahaha!

Vina said...

Welcome back Myra!! Amber's right. You seriously need to post all your cute stuff more often. No more slacking!!..LOL Hope all is well with you and hope to see you soon! Take care =)

Joy said...

love the ideas and creations you come up do such wonderful work..."perfection"! love all your ideas...thanks for sharing the lovely RAK from Enjoli, she's also one that does awesome work as well! hope you have a great week and glad to see you are back into the blogging least for now =)

Janis said...

Cute RAK form Enjoli! That gives inspiration to go on vacation. :)

myra said...

heh heh, amber...
vina: thanks gurl!! you're too sweet!!
joy: thanks joy! hold me to it!! :)
janis: let us know where you are going!! ;)...and ask enjoli to make you a luggage tag!!...heehee!!