Sunday, February 14, 2010

kung hee fat choy & happy valentine's day! :)

Hello! Hello! Hope everyone is enjoy this wonderful day of red!! Whether it's Valentine's or Chinese New Year!! It should be a wonderful day all around!! :)
I couldn't help but crack up at kraftkat's last post!! That is SO Kassidy's Kreations, isn't it!? flipped photo...gotta keep you guys on your toes!! heehee!
Anyway, I just wanted to share these boxes that my friend, Ronnica cut from her die cut machine...these boxes were easy to put together and fun to decorate!  I punched a heart from marvy for the background, used a puffy heart to decorate with glitter glue and stamped CC designs bear hugs on flocked paper, cut'em out and added'em on...the pink boarder sticker was on there, which I think is Mrs. Grossman's...that was Ronnica's idea!! :) super easy and gave it to my class for Valentine's Day!  Inside: playdough for the boys and Hello Kitty shower gel for the girls.  I also added some lycee with green gummi frogs and McDonald's coupons for Chinese New Year!  The kids loved it!! :)

OMG! Just had to share what an exciting weekend I'm having! :) Besides finishing up my taxes, I was able to visit my friend, Sherryl's house in Wahiawa!!  We went to see the cherry blossoms and Kass and I loved it!! Thank you Sherryl!! As sweet as she is, she also gave us this RAK!!  Party mix (our favorite!),  cherry blossoms and this sweet chocolate strawberry box!!  She did say that her friend, had gotten the strawberry from someone's else blog (sorry, can't remember which blog, but thank you to the clever person(s) for the wonderful idea!!).  The original idea was a strawberry with a four petal top, but sherryl had made it with five petals and added the brown for chocolate dip!! YUM!!  It's such a CUTE idea!!
Thank you for letting me share!! Hope everyone has an awesome 3 day weekend!! 
(What's left of it!!)

hugs, myra