Wednesday, September 16, 2009

stress?? me stress??...hmmm....

Hi there!! I guess a week has passed already...I just finished a posting for my UHWO ECED class and I'm just hoping that I did it right!!  I'm just not into school this semester!! I think it's because I want to do the craft fairs and prep for school is on the list, but not on the priority list! :(  Thank goodness I'm taking only ONE class!! ;0P
As you know, I'm used to going 120 mph, but lately I feel like I'm barely going 25mph...I've been trying to shake off this cold for about 4 weeks now, and it seems like it just wants to stay with me...ugh!!
Anyway, I'm happy to announce that Evie, aka kraftkat has started her own blog!! Congrats, Evie and YAY!!! It's about time!!...hahaha!!  I added her link to the kreative pals blogs so please check it out!!  ...Hey Evie, does this mean you won't be posting on this blog?? :(
I just wanted to share this CUTE ladybug bag...Kassidy got it for a grab bag at a birthday party sometime last year...sorry, I'm posting this so late!!  But I'm simply amazed how Lisa braided the handles and added such detail!! The ladybug has heart shaped spots too!!  SUPER CUTE, HUH??
Well, catch up with ya laterz...time to rest!! I'm so sleepy!! ^.^


kraftkat said...

Hey, thanks for visiting! And yes, I will still post when I have something worthy that measures up to yours!!

myra said...

you're so nutz!!