Tuesday, September 1, 2009

glama gurlz gathering...

Yes, I am a Glama Gurl...although I don't look or act like one...hahaha!! But I do like hangin' out with the gang of crafty and talented gurlz!!
Here is our blog for this group of crazy mento gurlz: http://glamagurlz.blogspot.com/

For this gathering, I made a jello recipe (1st pic) that was shared with me, from my friend, Karen. I just love it and it is so onolious!! The gurlz enjoyed it as well, because it was gone within the 4 hours that we hung out!! Thanks Karen for this awesome Fuji Apple Jello recipe!!

These were the goodies that were shared by others!! (2nd pic) See, what a talented bunch they are?? Thanks gurlz! Ali also shared her creative side with the adorable tag with sleeves and Jen shared the super cute ice cream coffee bag as make-n-takes!! You ALL are the sweetest!! It was a great ice cream party with loads of food!! Good times, great friends!

I don't think I have to eat for the next couple of days with all the food I consumed within those 4 hours!!...hahaha! Yeah, right! For those of you who really know me, food is one of my best friends!! :)

This last pic (3rd pic) was a little something I made for the gurlz...I had bought these little favor flower pots a while back, just because I was thinking..."hmmm, I can make something cute with this!" Well, I finally got around to making something...the image is from 'Create In Me' and I used Bazzill shimmer paper and dew drops to decorate!!
The lollipops are from Wholesale Unlimited and were the perfect size to use as flowers in this piece! (Yes, I took the short cut and didn't decorate the candy!! But do you know why??? Because no one would eat it, if I had decorated the candy!! heehee!!)

Anyway, thanks for letting me share...I feel so accomplished today!!...hahaha!! Have a great evening all and see ya again soon!



Janis said...

Cute jello mold. The recipe must have been a winner. Love all of the cute RAKs.

Mandy said...

That is a cute mold! (Like you would make ugly jello.)

Hey, before I forget, I'm trying to clean up my crafting island. I still have the pearlized card stock to give you... and do you know anyone who can make use of a roll of washi paper? I hate to throw it out but I've had it for 3 years and haven't made a single thing with it.

Christine said...

you show us the yummy jello and then don't include the recipe =o(